About Us

We are Arsalan and Emina Rizvi, a husband and wife team, who both grew up in Dubai. When our beloved daughter was born in Croatia in 2016, we were overwhelmed by the many choices, websites, brands and products, not to mention the logistics of gathering all the necessities for our new baby. We wanted to spend our valuable time bonding as a new family. At some point during those chaotic first months, inspiration struck and thus Choconilla’s Multibrand Baby Store was born. As our little family grew, we accumulated extensive knowledge of the various products for each new milestone and discovered that we had a passion for helping other families choose the most suitable products for their children. Choconilla’s grew at the same pace and before we knew it, we are one of the most prominent concept stores for babies in Europe all thanks to our wonderful customers who appreciate our handpicked offerings of the finest international brands for mothers and children.

We have now returned to the UAE to open another branch of Choconilla’s, because we love the wonderful family-oriented lifestyle in the Emirates. We consider ourselves to be experts in the field of maternity, baby and childcare products. With our first-hand knowledge of the top international brands, you can be assured that Choconilla’s stocks only the best products for your family.

Feedback from our loyal customers over the years, has shaped our product selection and we pride ourselves on providing the latest and most innovative offerings. We want to help you create the perfect nurturing environment for your growing family, so that you can relax and enjoy more of that precious bonding time. Contact us to arrange a free online or telephone consultation to discuss your needs. The Choconilla’s family is here for you.